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Be sure to use it on your hands , 1/3/2013 By Elizabeth

This super moisturizer works GREAT for my dry hands. I also rub it into my cuticles two to three times a day and before I go to bed. My hands and nails look completely different than they did two weeks ago. I am no longer hiding my hands at home or at work! You will be amazed.
Look at the ingredients! , 1/2/2013 By B. Bliss

Be sure to look closely at these ingredients... Frankincense Essential Oil, Myrrh Essential Oil, and Jasmine Essential Oil and MORE. This is more than an ordinary moisturizer. Use it and you'll feel the difference. Treat yourself!
This product is amazing. My family and I love it ! , 9/20/2012 By Pedicures and cute nail polish for our toes

The girls in my family love getting pedicures. Mainly because we all have very dry heals.So, we go in to get it all scrubbed away. Happy Feet Super Moisturizer got rid of all that hard dry flakiness. Now our pedicures are all about choosing cute nail polish for our toes. This product is amazing. My family and I love it!
Deal with that rough dry skin, acne,callouses by experiencing Zoe products. , 9/10/2012 By Dorothy

Wow!! Zoe products, are as advertised and more. She did not have to call me, I called her to rave about them. You want soft skin? You need Zoe, her face and body moisturizer. I noticed a difference in two days on my face and my outer arms had become dry and rough. They took to Zoe like a duck takes to water, no longer rough, but smooth. Now let's talk about callouses on the feet. My right foot had a hard callous alongside my toe. It was there to stay, but in two days I was able to tear the callous, it became so soft. Ward off unwanted wrinkles and dry skin with a touch of Zoe. I expect her other products to be just as amazing. Needless to say I am sold on Zoe. You might check out www.zoe.me.
Love the Happy Feet Super Moisturizer. , 7/21/2012 By Lola Vi

I put the moisturizer before I sleep because it makes me feel better and helps me sleep better and my body feels so soft.
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