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Learn the Alphabet with Faith Building Words

A - Angels keep me safe everyday.

B - Believing in God makes all things possible for me.

C - Caring is fun and God rewards me because I care for others.

D - Depending on God is fun, because he never lets me down.

E - Energy fills my life when I hear God's Word and I do what it says.

F - Forgiving others is what I do, because I know that God forgives me too.

G - Good things come from God and bad things come from the devil.

H - Hearing the word of God and keeping it close to my heart produces blessings in my life.

I - I remember God in all I do, because He gives me the ability to do great things.

J - Jesus is my Lord and Savior.

K - King of Kings and Lord of Lords, that's the mighty God I serve.

L - Life is good because I watch and listen to good things.

M - My prayers are answered because when I pray, I believe that I will receive what I am praying for.

N - No one can separate me from God's love.

O - Only God can make my life complete.

P - Putting on God's armor gives me the power to defeat the devil.

Q - Quest for God's best.

R - Reading the word of God keeps me strong.

S - Satan runs away from be because I resist him.

T - The joy of the Lord makes me strong.

U - Under my feet is where the devil must stay so I stomp on his head everyday.

V - Victory is mine because I believe in Jesus.

W - Wherever I go, God is with me.

X - Xrays show my bones, but God sees my heart.

Y - Your word allows my feet to see where they are going and lights the path to where I should go.

Z - Zesty and refreshing is God's Word to me.

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